FinTech India Summit
Awards 2023

” Furthering Financial Inclusion and Digitalizing the indian economy “

9th Nov 10th Nov 2023, @ Mumbai, India








2nd Edition of Fintech India Summit


By 2030 India’s FinTech market is anticipated to generate $200 billion in revenue and grow to a formidable $1 trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM). In India, 2022 saw the rise of many exciting trends and opportunities in the financial technology sector and the FinTech industry has a whole has shown a steady upward trajectory, which shows a deepening of the financial services industry and its positive impact on the Indian economy

Fintech India


$2.1 Tn Estimated Fintech Market Opportunity By 2030

Overall Fintech Market as of 2022 stands at $584 Bn

FinTech adoption in India stands at 87%, which is far ahead of the global average of 64%

$3.2 Tn+ Total Value of UPI Transactions till Feb 2023

India is the third-largest fintech ecosystem in the world with over 2100+ FinTech companies & 4.2K+ Active Fintech Startups

63 Mn Total Number of SMBs In India

$26 Bn Total Funding in The Fintech Sector (2014- Q1 2023

$2.8 Bn Total Funding into B2B Lending Startups (2014-2022)

$4.8 Bn Total Funding into Fintech Sector In 2022

350 Mn+ Number of Users Transacting Online

$68 Bn Combined Valuation of Fintech Unicorns

660+ Funded Fintech Startups

1.3 Bn+ Internet Users By 2030

600 Mn+ Smartphone Users

373 Mn+ Estimated Rural Internet Users In 2022

Why Attend the 2nd FISA 2023 ?

→ Gain a new perspective on India’s FinTech ecosystem

Hear from FinTech Experts and Financial Services thought leadership

Network with industry experts and engage in interactive sessions

Uncover emerging FinTech trends, solutions and vendors who are disrupting a rapidly changing FinTech ecosystem

Enjoy seamless collaboration and partnership opportunities if you are a FinTech start up

Sponsorship Advantage

Engage with selected financial institutions that are driving innovation in financial services

Benefit from inclusion in our extensive marketing campaign for the conference & awards

Utilize the platform to introduce your innovative technology solutions in the FinTech space

Exclusive opportunity to amplify your brand in front of pre-qualified decision makers from across the financial services spectrum

Lead generation and business opportunities spread over two days inclusive of business meetings, live pitch, cocktail networking etc

Shape the agenda and connect with key delegates & industry buyers

Capitalize on scalable brand elevation opportunities via thought leadership

Second FiS Awards 2023

The 2nd Edition of FiSA 2023 awards, identifies and honors leading FinTech companies & financial institutions for their excellence and contributions towards driving change, impact and innovation in the Indian financial industry.

Organizations who can participate, include banks, tech firms, accelerators, insurance providers & fintech companies.

Best Digital Adoption by Bank

Best Customer Experience Solutions

Best PayTech Solutions

Best InsurTech Solutions

Best RegTech Solutions

Best LendingTech Solutions

Best BankingTech Integration

FinTech Innovator of The Year

FinTech Leader Of the Year

Best Payments Bank of India

Best FinTech Accelerator of India

FinTech Company of The Year

Best SME Banking Solutions

Financial Inclusion Excellence

Best BNPL Solutions

Best Emerging FinTech Start up

Best BaaS Company

Best Fintech SaaS Company

Attending Industry Landscape



Financial institutions

insurance companies




Wealth management firms

Corporate Sector (Retail, SMEs & Ecommerce)

Regulatory Bodies

Consulting Companies

FinTech & BFSI Associations

Attending Profiles



EVP / VP / Managing Director


Head of Product Strategy

Head of Innovation

Head of AML / Regulations

Head of Digital Banking

Head – Digital Solutions

Head of Innovation & Technology


Chief Executive Officer

Founder / CTO

Head of Partnerships

Head of Sales

Head of Products

Chief Business officer

Chief Growth Officers


Partner / Managing Partner

Fintech Consultant

Innovation Consultant

Information Security Consultant

Regulatory Consultant

Key Topic Highlights


Digitization of the Indian Economy & Financial Inclusion Outlook


Fintech & Environmental, Social, and Governance

Round up

Technology & Innovation Round up Enabling FinTech

Future of Fintech

The Future of FinTech & the Emerging Trends

Women in FinTech

Participation of women in fintech



DeFi in India


Digital Finance and thehe Change


Web 3.0 & the Future of Money


Start up Showcase

First Edition Partners

First Edition Media Partners

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